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The Right To Bear Arms

Posted by: Jay | May 9, 2008

I Love It

Check this story out:

The patrons at Champps, an upscale restaurant and bar chain, were eating ribs and drinking beer on a recent Saturday when customer Bruce Jackson stood up and made an announcement: He was armed, and so were dozens of other patrons.

The armed customers stood up in unison, showing off holstered pistols and revolvers. Jackson said a word or two about the rights of gun owners to carry firearms in Virginia, then thanked everyone for their attention and sat down.

And the diners returned to their burgers and Budweisers.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League organized the dinner at Champps to prove a point: that the presence of armed customers in northern Virginia restaurants would elicit little more than shrugs.

The dinner — and several other restaurant visits throughout northern Virginia last month — were a response to comments from the majority leader in the state Senate, Democrat Richard Saslaw, who said during a legislative debate that armed patrons would be unwelcome in northern Virginia restaurants.

“In most urban areas, you walk into a restaurant with a gun on your hip, they’re going to tell you to get out,” Saslaw said.

In fact, with a few exceptions, the gun owners got their meals. The group went to eight different restarants in April — at two of them, they were asked to leave. More often than not, though, their presence failed to generate a stir.

Of course, because contrary to the media portrayal and what the groups like the Brady Campaign would have us believe, most Americans don’t cower in fear over somebody having a gun.

Then we get to Richard Saslaw’s comments:

“What normal person walks around with a gun on your hip? Something’s wrong in your life if you feel compelled to carry a gun as part of your daily routine,” he said.

Nice. If you carry a gun, there’s something wrong with you. Where do these people hatch?

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Cabin Fever

Below are some images of the cabin we’re renting. We’ll be leaving May 29th and returning June 1st.

It even has wireless Internet. Yes I will have the laptop, but for the most part it will be used for viewing images made with the Nikon D50. I will post pics.

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No Free Speech About 2nd Amendment

We know that Mayor Bloomberg has a problem with the second amendment. It also seems he has a problem with the first as well:

Lawyers for Mayor Bloomberg are asking a judge to ban any reference to the Second Amendment during the upcoming trial of a gun shop owner who was sued by the city. While trials are often tightly choreographed, with lawyers routinely instructed to not tell certain facts to a jury, a gag order on a section of the Constitution would be an oddity.

“Apparently Mayor Bloomberg has a problem with both the First and the Second amendments,” Lawrence Keane, the general counsel of a firearms industry association, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, said.

Of course, filing lawsuits against licensed firearm dealers is a joke to begin with just as it was with the gun manufacturers (contrary to what people believe, gun manufacturers do not advertise their guns being the “most popular gun in American crime.” ‘Jackie Brown’ was a fictional movie people). The inability of major cities to deal with violent criminals is the problem. Time after time when violent criminals are arrested, we learn that they are repeat violent offenders. If the criminal justice system kept these violent criminals in prison for the length of their sentences, the public would be much safer.

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The Bizarro World

If you know about Superman (or Seinfeld) then you know what the bizarro world is. It’s a place that is the opposite of reality. Mayor Nutter from Philadelphia must be in that world. A cop in Philly gets killed and this is what he says to NRA:

“They owe an apology to the family for their staunch opposition over many, many years blocking legislative support for these kinds of matters.”

Translation: It’s the NRA’s fault.

But what did the good Mayor say to one of the actual perpetrators of the crime? The following:

“I looked him dead in the eye when he came in and told him how disappointed I was in him,” he said.

Well gee Ward! Don’t be such a big meanie to Beaver! (Reference for those who don’t get it). Go easy on him!

The mayor said that like he was talking to his son about getting detention in school.

h/t Say Uncle.

Posted by: Jay | May 8, 2008

Random Thoughts

It’s too bad that Jason Castro got kicked off American Idol last night. The stoner was the only contestant left that really had any personality. So what if he butchered ‘I Shot The Sheriff’ and appeared to be in way over his head. I’ll take his lousy Bob Marley impersonation over David Archuletta singing ‘Love Me Tender’ any day.

Ever hear shrieking when reading an article. That’s what I heard when I read this one. Sebastian handles it and has details about the perps. Bottom line? If the three dirtbags that were involved in the death of Philadelphia Police Sergeant Stephen Liczbinski were still in prison where they belonged, this wouldn’t have happened. But that wouldn’t allow Ms. Porter to whine about the NRA.

Any time people start complaining about how horrible things are in this country, let them take a look at what is happening in Myanmar, where aid groups can’t even to get in and help people because of the military government in place that is slow granting visas and giving clearance for aid flights to land. Think about that too when you start wailing about gas prices.

Instead of buying a houseboat for $300,000, this guy built one himself for $55,000. And he’s 83. Image here.

Hillary says she should be the nominee because she has better appeal with white Americans. Oh man is that going to get her in trouble.

Florida Democrats are working out a deal to seat their delegates at the convention.

Posted by: Jay | May 7, 2008

Very Well Said

Always good to use Google alerts as it sometimes leads me to blogs I might not otherwise read. This person here wrote the following in regard to the second amendment and those who curry favor with hunters but still be gun grabbers:

With all due respect to recreational shooting, the Second Amendment is an explicit expression of our freedom, not something we do in our free time.


I liked too, his comments about the Supreme Court brushing off a challenge to Indiana’s law that says you need a photo id when going to vote:

The Supreme Court rejected a challenge (Crawford v. Marion County Election Board) to Indiana’s voter ID law. The usual suspects (ACLU-ACORN-Brennan Center) arrayed against the forces of reason and experience. They argued that having to establish your identity by means of a photo ID, provided free of charge, by the State was an onerous burden meant to disenfranchise the equally usual suspects (society’s most vulnerable and least equipped).

The State in uncharacteristic wisdom sought only to defend the integrity of the vote by tethering it to a reasonable responsibility. Establish your identity.

Good stuff.

Posted by: Jay | May 6, 2008

Horse Racing Follow-Up

Some people were asking me about the sport of horse racing after my post about PETA.

1. Why use a whip at all? First, let’s be sure we know what kind of ‘whip’ that’s being talked about. Here is a good image of a jockey’s whip. As you can see, it is pretty flat, and doesn’t have the same kind of makeup as a regular whip that can really cause paid. These whips are more to get the horses attention more than anything else. Some horses don’t respond to a whip at all and you won’t see jockeys using them per the trainers instructions. Some horses actually get bored when they don’t see other horses around them and the jockey will need to use the whip to get them going. Others will drift at times. Many horses love crowds and would end up running along the rail on the other side of the track if not given a few whacks from the jockey. These horses are loads of muscle. Believe me, they’re not getting hurt.

2. Isn’t all that racing hard on these horses? I would say that there probably are some lower grade horses that probably race too much. But the better horses and the champion horses don’t run that much. Granted, the triple crown races are grueling because they all happen within the span of a month, but after the Belmont, the best ones won’t run again until August or September and then finally in the Breeders Cup in November. But these horses love to run. These are not the horses you see grazing in pastures along country roads. These are thoroughbred horses that are made for running. There are a lot of them that hate standing around in stalls. They want to get out and run.

3. Are the horses treated well? These horses are treated extremely well. In fact, in the world of horse racing, it’s often the jockeys that are treated the worst. Riding fees are not that great, and unless they’re riding a horse that finishes in the money (1st, 2nd or 3rd), the riding fee is all they earn. The top jockeys do make a great deal of money, but save for a select few, that’s after years of toiling away at smaller tracks riding in $4000 claiming races with total purses of $25,000. Most jockeys make $45-$50K a year and have to work extremely hard to keep their weight down.

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A Cop Is Killed…

… and Ed Rendell says it’s because Congress and the President didn’t renew the 1994 ban on ‘assault’ weapons.


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Ignore PETA

A lot of follow up to the tragedy at Churchill Downs on Saturday. For those that don’t know, the filly Eight Belles finished second to Big Brown in the Kentucky Derby, but broke down as she was galloping out going into the first turn. She broke both legs and had to be euthanized on the track.

The idiots at PETA are calling for the suspension of the jockey saying he should have noticed she was injured and should have pulled the horse up. This is complete BS. I’ve been interested in horse racing for nearly 20 years and this kind of injury doesn’t happen allowing the jockey to continue to make the horse run while it is injured. If she had gotten this injury while going all out down the stretch, there’s a good chance that jockey Gabriel Saez and others would have gotten hurt because Belles would have went down in a heap in front of the 18 other horses and jockeys behind her. The notion that he was giving her the whip when eventual winner Big Brown was 4 lengths ahead makes no sense. No jockey is that stupid. When I saw him giving the whip, I immediately thought he was doing it to keep her off the rail and that’s exactly what he was doing.

The worst part in all of this is that PETA is being treated with some kind of legitimacy. Let’s be real. PETA is a nutcase organization that relies on celebrity involvement to hide how nutty it is. Do you know how whacked these people are? They implored the mayor of Fishkill, NY at one point to change the city name because it shouldn’t be associating the word ‘kill’ with fish. Of course, the word ‘kill’ comes from the Dutch and means ‘body of water’ or ‘river.’ Therefore, the city name is translated into Fish River.


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