Posted by: Jay | March 7, 2008

The Gun Show ‘Loophole’

This is one issue where the anti-fun faction has been able to stir up a frenzy of emotions and just about every bit of their rhetoric on the issue is bogus. Let’s look at what the Brady Campaign is saying:

Senate Bill Introduced to Close the Gun Show Loophole

Senators Frank Lautenberg and Jack Reed introduced legislation [S. 2577] that would strengthen the Brady criminal background check system by closing the gun show loophole.

The Brady Law requires criminal background checks of gun buyers at licensed dealers, but there is a loophole at gun shows. Convicted felons, domestic violence abusers, and those who are dangerously mentally ill can walk into any gun show and buy weapons from unlicensed sellers without being stopped, no questions asked.

First of all, let’s look at the term ‘loophole’ as it applies to the law. Here is the definition of loophole:

An unintentional characteristic of a law which allows one to circumvent the law’s intention without actually breaking that law.

As such, there is no ‘loophole’ in the law because “convicted felons (That ‘scary’ term again – ed.) domestic violence abusers, and those who are dangerously mentally ill” cannot legally purchase firearms. If they purchase at a gun show from a private seller, they are breaking the law.

The other bogus quote deals with the “unlicensed sellers.” This conveys the image of a bunch of people selling guns who aren’t allowed to because they don’t have a license. The problem with that is, private sellers are not required to have a license to sell firearms so calling them “unlicensed” as if they should be is dishonest.

The worst part is that Frank Lautenberg and The Brady Campaign are exploiting the tragedy at Virginia Tech as a reason passing this legislation, claiming Seung-hui Cho bought one of the guns he used to kill 31 people at a gun show. That’s false. Cho bought one of his guns at a firearms dealer. The other was at a pawn shop that had an FFL license.


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