Posted by: Jay | March 13, 2008

Getting Guns In Joisey

Via Say Uncle comes this letter written by a guy going through the frustration of obtaining a gun permit in Jersey.

My wife’s nephew now lives in Florida, but he bought his guns in New Jersey and he related to me the nightmare it was getting them. He applied for his permit in June, going through all of the nonsense like getting fingerprinted, and having references checked, etc. Of course, the law states that all applications must be processed within 30 days. So he should have gotten his stuff in July, correct? Try closer to Christmas.

Every time he went there to see if the application was processed, they kept blowing him off and giving excuses as to why it wasn’t done. When he finally did get his paperwork in December, it actually showed that his application was approved in the middle of October and he had been there a few times in October and November with them telling him it wasn’t approved yet.

Giving the local police so much discretion and them being allowed to flaunt the law is what makes a case like Heller so important. Laws that give local officials discretion in who gets to own a gun could be struck down as unconstitutional. The fact is, in NJ a police chief can deny you for pretty much any reason he wants (even if you don’t fall under the specific disabilities, they can state they didn’t think a person was “qualified”). Such denials can be appealed to a superior court in the county where you were denied, but to do it right, you need to hire a lawyer who has to be in the court to make the case for you. That will set the average person back anywhere from $3000-$4000 in attorneys fees.


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