Posted by: Jay | March 14, 2008

Laugh Out Loud Moment

From here:

All told, he peddles 8,700 types of firearms, priced as low as $70 for a surplus rifle and as high as $8,800 for a shoulder-fired, semiautomatic, long-range rifle that takes jumbo .50-caliber bullets.

Ah, Mr. Thompson “peddles” guns. Now, I don’t know much about Stephanie, but I’m taking it for granted that she has had at least introductory education in writing. And, as such a skilled journalist, she knows that words matter. She knows, for instance, that “peddle” doesn’t exactly mean “sell,” but that it confers a decidedly negative connotation. That’s why she used “peddle” instead of “sell,” I’m confident in saying. Plus, Stephanie gets extra credit points for describing a rifle as a “shoulder-fired, semiautomatic, long-range rifle” and a bonus gold star for calling the .50 caliber bullets “jumbo.” They’re apparently larger than normal .50 caliber rounds.


Read the rest of it. It’s just part and parcel of the bias we see from members of the media about guns. I’m not the kind of guy that talks about things like “the liberal media.” That’s a cliche term and contrary to what some conservatives think, I don’t believe there’s this grand conspiracy in the media to slant the news to the left. The problem is, too many journalists claim to be objective, and they’re not. I don’t even think they realize their own personal bias makes into the pieces they write, but it does. This piece that Murdoc takes down is a perfect example. Ask Stephanie Simon and she’ll swear it’s a completely objective piece of reporting. However, as Murdoc points out, she litters the piece with subtle language that is anything but objective.

While Murdoc’s quip made me laugh, it’s not funny that such sloppy journalism is accepted material at the Los Angeles Times.


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