Posted by: Jay | March 19, 2008

Do The Math

Very interesting factoid here in this article:

District officials call the gun restrictions reasonable and necessary for public safety. In 1974, shortly before the district imposed the ban, handguns were used in 155 of the 285 homicides committed in D.C. In 2007, the city reported 181 homicides, nearly 80 percent of which were committed with guns.

Notice, the percentage is not given for 1974. Not sure why, but it is easy enough to do the math. It’s basic algeberrrr (Inside joke. I had geometry teacher who one time couldn’t understand why the class couldn’t figure out a particular problem and he said, “It’s your basic algeberrr” instead of algebra. – ed.) If there were 285 homicides and 155 were committed using a handgun, that’s 54.4% of homicides committed using a handgun.

In 2007, there were 181 homicides and 80% of those were committed with a handgun. That’s 145.

80% of homicides committed with a handgun. And yet they’re banned in DC. 54% of homicides committed with a handgun in 1974. When there was no ban.

Yes, the DC ban on handguns has worked out very well. Somebody call Justice Breyer and let him know.



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