Posted by: Jay | March 19, 2008

Gotta Love The Irony

Some people may not know this, but does anybody realize why Anthony Kennedy sits on the Supreme Court today? He was the replacement choice by Ronald Reagan after Robert Bork‘s nomination was defeated in the Senate.

Yesterday, Justice Kennedy clearly let it be known that he stands on the side of the second amendment being an individual right, instead of a collective right. It’s Bork of all people, who believes the second amendment guarantees only the right to participate in a government militia.



  1. It is an individual right, The Bill of Rights save for the ninth and tenth amendments are all directed specifically at individuals. Nine and ten even have their implications to individuals. I am a blood liberal and even I know the importance of the importance of the second amendment. The intent of the second was never to protect ourselves from each other, we have laws and law enforcement to do that, the second exists so we can pretotect ourself against the government.

  2. Wow, never knew that Bork thought that. Thx.

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