Posted by: Jay | March 24, 2008

Back At It

I had off for Good Friday, so I took the weekend off from blogging. My son had a heckuva weekend. The poor kid gets a three day weekend as well and he spent most of it in lying in bed with a fever and head cold. He stayed home from school today as well. One more day of fever and it’s off to the doctor.

My local newspaper, the Daytona Beach News-Journal has weighed in on the Heller case. The NJ’s left wing bias is so blatant that most people call the paper the “News-Urinal” because that’s about what it is worth. Their editorial on the second amendment is pretty typical of them. They either lied about the Miller decision or they’re completely ignorant of what the decision said because it had nothing to do with whether or not the second amendment protects and individual or collective right. They somehow think that because only John Paul Stevens was old enough to remember the Miller decision that he’ll be the only one to know the correct way to rule in this case. They finish it off with the typical anti-gun blather about people having nuclear missiles and anti-aircraft battery in their backyards next to their swimming pools and gas grills.

So I saw the movie ‘I Am Legend’ over the weekend. It was pretty good. Sometime in the near future, a doctor discovers a cure for cancer. Unfortunately, the cure mutates into its own virus. One that that spreads through the air, and over a period of 3 years wipes out (at the very least) the entire population of New York City. Smith plays Robert Neville, a scientist who is immune from the virus, lives alone in Manhattan with his dog, hunting deer and driving whatever car he wants. He has faithfully sent out a radio message for three years hoping to come into contact with another human being. He’s reduced to ‘conversations’ with mannequins at the local video store as Neville has been able to use generators to keep his house running electricity. However, as the sun goes down, Neville barricades his house and doesn’t venture out at night. Some of those who weren’t killed by the virus have mutated into vampire-like zombies who prowl the streets at night. Neville has a lab in his basement where he is searching desperately for a cure, but his time is running out.

The film is rated PG-13 because of some scary sequences with the zombies. This is not a movie young kids should watch unless you want them crawling into bed with you every night for a few weeks. Will Smith does a good job despite the fact that for the majority of the movie he’s on his own (aside from the dog). My only gripe is that movie seems to end pretty abruptly. It’s moving at full speed one moment, and just done the next. I’ve looked around to see if anybody could identify the rifle Neville was using. The consensus (at least from what I can tell) is that it is a Bushmaster AR15 with a scope and light attached.

The Christian Science Monitor also weighs in on Heller and gives us more of the same rubbish as the News-Journal. Look at this:

The nation has gnawed on the Second Amendment for two centuries with no clear-cut decision by the high court. Yet a majority of the justices may now claim historical clairvoyance on the framers’ intent regarding militias and gun ownership. And they may overreach for grammatical acuity into the amendment’s ambiguous, oddly punctuated wording.

Translation: If they come down in favor of the second protecting an individual right, they’d be wrong.

Cripes, why don’t they just say that instead of giving us this nonsense about “clairvoyance” and “grammatical acuity”?

Such a possibility must give the justices pause and provide a perverse incentive to proclaim a gun right. The court might recall last year’s shootings at a Missouri city council by a man out to avenge the perceived wrongs of government. Five officials died.

Here we go. Coming down in favor of an individual right means more shootings like the one in Missouri. Of course, the CSM seems to forget that murder is illegal. That didn’t stop this man from doing what he did. Are the editors of the CSM so foolish as to believe that individuals will equate the right to bear arms with that of murdering people?

Right or no right, politicians are now more constrained by the political power of the NRA than the courts, but that may soon change.

No fools, the politicians have been more constrained by the power of the voters. The NRA doesn’t decide elections. The voters do.


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