Posted by: Jay | March 24, 2008

Don’t Do It

I’m applauding the balls of the DC officials who are engaging in this kind of nonsense. Because they all have quite a pair to pull this kind of crap.

Police are asking residents to submit to voluntary searches in exchange for amnesty under the District’s gun ban. They passed out fliers requesting cooperation on Monday.

The program will begin in a couple of weeks in the Washington Highlands neighborhood of southeast Washington and will later expand to other neighborhoods. Officers will go door to door asking residents for permission to search their homes.

And what is Washington Highlands? One of the poorest and most violent neighborhoods in Washington DC. Of course, amnesty under the gun ban probably won’t mean amnesty for any other incriminating evidence the police find when conducting these searches. But I bet the DC police won’t tell residents that.

Where are the liberals? If this was something the Bush administration was doing, they’d be apoplectic. But they’re going to be silent on this one. And why? Because this has to do with GUNS. OOOH! SCARY GUNS!

Link via Steve at Rabid Sanity.



  1. They are trying this in Boston MA too. . . Let us seach your kids room for guns and we will take them with us. they don’t promise not to come back and arrest the kid if they find the gun was used in a crime.

    For some reason most folks have said no thanks and they have had to post pone starting this mess three times. Seems like folks don’t really like searches without a warrant.

    And wait until they start to get warrants based on your saying no or on what they saw while looking for the gun. . . .

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