Posted by: Jay | March 26, 2008

Is It Real?

Three prominent liberal bloggers and Obama supporters are saying Hillary should take a hike. Oliver, Kevin Drum and Atrios.

Of course, none of the three say whether or not they’ll vote for Hillary should she pull off the miracle and get the nomination. I suspect they will. James Fallows writes:

I can easily believe that the Spectator would publish such an article. That the Clinton team would circulate it I’m still trying to deal with.

For the last 2-3 months I have been reading blogs, online papers, and magazines (I don’t watch network news or cable news shows), seeing people express shock, disbelief, horror, etc. at some of the tactics employed by Hillary Clinton against Barack Obama in her bid to get the Presidential nomination. The only people who haven’t been surprised by what she’s done are conservatives and Republicans.

We know how the Clinton’s operate. They believe elected office for them is a reward to voters, not a privilege granted to them by voters and any obstacle that gets in their way to obtaining that position or keeping it is going to be dealt with. So it wasn’t surprising to me when Hillary’s campaign engaged in subtle racism. It was not a surprise to me that she had campaign staffers circulating “Obama is a Muslim” emails. It was not a surprise to me that she would go back on her word and try to get Michigan and Florida delegates seated. It is not a surprise that Bill went on the attack for her. It is not a surprise that she’s relying on the American Spectator to go after Obama and it’s not a surprise to see Hillary chatting with Richard Melon Scaife.

The Clinton’s have been and always will be about two things:

Winning and power.


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