Posted by: Jay | March 27, 2008

Guns To Work Bill Passes FL House

Most businesses in Florida do not allow you to take a gun to your place of business if you have a concealed carry license. That’s their right. If the business is privately owned and they don’t want somebody packing at the office, they can enforce that decision.

However, they go too far when they say employees cannot leave a gun in their cars in the parking lot. At that point, the business is overstepping their bounds. The Florida legislature is rectifying that and the House passed a bill that will allow CCW holders to leave their guns in their car when going to work.

The Senate is expected to follow and Governor Crist has said he will sign the bill. Businesses and the Florida Chamber of Commerce says that this bill is an infringement upon property rights, but the fact of the matter is, my car is an extension of my home and I have a right to defend myself there.


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