Posted by: Jay | March 27, 2008


You know, the news media couldn’t give a rat’s ass about people being killed in predominantly black neighborhoods in the past. Now with the Heller decision waiting in the wings, we’re going to see headlines about “gun violence” splashed all over the place. Look at this article (which is front and center at MSNBC) and let’s focus on one part of the piece:

Since September, 20 Chicago Public Schools students have been killed, 18 by gunfire. Last school year, 24 of the more than 30 students killed were shot to death, compared with between 10 and 15 fatal shootings in the years before.

So more last year than this year. Anybody remember MSNBC covering the story? Hell no. They were too busy still talking about Natalie Holloway. Stuff like this didn’t merit coverage. Now all of a sudden, it’s important front page news.




  1. Funny, I have been thinking the same thing.

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