Posted by: Jay | March 28, 2008


It’s bad that some school got ‘locked down’ because some kid was spotted with a BB gun. It’s even worse that the kid was arrested on the charge of being a minor in possession of a BB gun. Apparently, in Michigan, you have to be 18.

In Florida, the age is 16. Under that age and you have to be with an adult. My son is 11. He shoots out in the back yard (we have three empty lots to the side of our house so there’s nothing to hit which is great) and although technically, he’s supposed to be under “adult supervision” when he’s out there, the fact is, he’s responsible enough that he can go out and shoot whenever he wants. He knows he has to wear his safety glasses and he knows he is only to shoot at targets and towards the empty lots. How difficult is that to instill in a kid?

Lockdowns and arrests. For a BB gun. Crazy.



  1. I wish he was out playing basketball with some friends….

    Anyhoo take a look at last Sunday’s St. Pete Times, the “Perspectives” section re: the 9th & 14th amendments.

    “I may disagree with you but I’ll defend to death your right to say it” – well, maybe not to death……

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