Posted by: Jay | March 31, 2008

Being Sick

I hate being sick and I swear, I have fought through three separate sicknesses over the last month. I had gone nearly two years without a cold and suddenly, it was like I was sick every other week and in fact, I have been! I was ok on Saturday, but by late Saturday afternoon I was coughing and it was a cough that would not go away. In fact, it was so bad that didn’t get to sleep until about 4:00am. I didn’t make it to church and spent most of the day lying on the couch. My upper body muscles are sore from the constant tensing from whenever I cough.

Being sick really sucks.

Because I was up so late on Saturday, I did get a chance to watch a few movies that I hadn’t seen before. The first was ‘Vantage Point’, a film about the assassination of the POTUS. The ‘vantage point’ comes from the fact that the sequence of events unfolds through the viewpoint of several different people. The movie is only 90 minutes long and an hour of that is watching the same thing happen 5-6 times before things start to come together. When it does, it’s not nearly as good as an episode of ’24’ (and even more preposterous) where it seems to have gotten its influence.

The other was the movie ‘The Mist’ a film based on a Stephen King novel. The movie starts off with a father (Thomas Jane) heading off to the store with his son and next door neighbor attorney (Andre Braugher) to get some things after a big storm hits the area. While in the store, a local named Dan Miller comes running towards the store with blood on him yelling, “There’s something in the mist!! There’s something in the mist!!” He tells how something dragged a friend away. Moments later the entire area is covered in this mist. The ‘something’ in the mist are blood thirsty creatures, some of which have tentacles, others resemble large birds, and some are mutant spiders. Over a period of two days, one local, Mrs. Carmody (Marcia Gay Harden) , a fire and brimstone Christian is able to convince many in the store that the whole thing is a the beginning of the apocalypse and pits them against a smaller group convinced otherwise. It turns out to be some kind of military experiment gone awry. Frank Darabont who helmed ‘The Green Mile’ and ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ does a good job in building tension, and providing us with a wide variety of characters. One of my favorites was Ollie Weeks (Toby Jones). Ollie on the surface is a just a little nerdy guy, but it turns out he’s an expert marksman with a gun, and has more wits and character about him than most of the others in the store. The ending, which I won’t give away is pretty shocking, not so much for a Stephen King novel, but for a Hollywood movie.



  1. Weird, I am getting over my third flue like virus in the past month and a half. I also have ninjas in my blood which ensure that I only get sick every few years.

    Have you recently had kids? I did, and now my immunity is all to hell. Lots of folks have told me that would happen, just a thought…

  2. 1)Wash your hands whenever you touch something!!!! (ESPECIALLY after you’ve gone to the store, used someone else’s phone, etc.)
    even this will do no good if you don’t STOP touching your eyes, nose or mouth!!!!!!
    Unless someone coughs or sneezes on you, if you do these things you will never get sick!!!!!!
    (also, don’t run with a pencil in your hand!)

  3. the Mist is a thinker for sure, pretty good all around, except a lot of the character conflict was really predictable…

    is it me, or did those insect-like aliens have human teeth?

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