Posted by: Jay | March 31, 2008


Vin Suprynowicz tells us that Harry Reid is holding up a vote in the Senate which allow people with concealed carry licenses to bring their guns with them into National Parks. Why? To give cover to Hillary and Barack who would probably be opposed to it, despite their supposed ‘support’ of second amendment rights. The real problem itself however, is the legislation:

Note the change would see federal authorities — weirdly, given their almost universal insistence on federal pre-eminence — allowing different rules in different states, deferring to states that disarm interstate travelers. This is akin to the federal government saying blacks and whites must be treated equally in the parks — except in certain benighted Southern backwaters, where Uncle Sam will defer to local rednecks who prefer separate “white” and “colored” bathrooms, etc.

The proposed change would do no good in California, for instance, where state law (in violation of both the Second and 14th Amendments) prohibits loaded guns in parks unless they’re locked inside a car trunk or similarly inaccessible.

Read the rest.


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