Posted by: Jay | April 1, 2008


Got my NRA stuff in the mail yesterday (membership card, stickers, etc). My son spotted it and asked why I joined the NRA even though I don’t have a gun (yet). I gave him a crash course in rights telling him that the government cannot say to us that we’re not allowed to church on Sundays. I also said that the government cannot tell us we can’t have guns and that’s what the Supreme Court was going to make clear in June. At that point he was like, “Cool. When they say that are you going to buy an MG-42?” (He’s learned about guns like the MG-42, Thompson, and the M1 Garand from playing ‘Call of Duty’ games that more accurately depict how these guns look and operate than in the movies) I laughed and said it was a little more complicated than that and wouldn’t bore him with the details (yet).



  1. I just joined recently, myself. I chose the free duffel bag but I should have opted for the MG-42 or the wheelbarrows of cash.

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