Posted by: Jay | April 3, 2008

Bogus Laws

Sebastian has far more on the PA gun control measures that went down in flames, particularly the “lost and stolen” provision that would have made it easier to turn law abiding PA residents into criminals:

As I’ve stated several times, the problem with this bill is that it’s meant to reduce the state’s burden when it is unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person has engaged in a straw purchase. When it’s difficult for the state to meet its burden, it is not, and should not be an acceptable course of action to lower that burden. That will result in innocent people going to jail, and our system is supposed to protect against that, not encourage it.

If this law passes, there will be people who are victims of thefts, who are unaware of the law, and who have not engaged in any straw purchasing, who will end up being charged under this when they claim their firearms were stolen, after those firearms are later recovered on the streets.

Let’s look at how wrote the story:

A bill to limit the number of handguns a person could buy to one a month has met its fate – defeat.

Another measure that would have allowed municipalities such as Philadelphia to make their own gun laws – vanquished.

And the push to curb illegal gun trafficking? As of Tuesday evening, shot down.

Emphasis mine. The supposed “push to curb illegal gun trafficking” is the “lost and stolen” provision Sebastian wrote about. It will do nothing to ‘curb’ trafficking, but such language sounds so much better when attempting to sway the public.

…others suggested that, going forward, gun-control advocates needed to take a page out the NRA’s playbook: amass an army of volunteers and supporters across the state – not just law enforcement and political figures, but also doctors, teachers and children’s advocates – to work phones and get the group’s message out through direct mail.

But John Hohenwarter, the NRA’s chief lobbyist in Pennsylvania, countered yesterday that “their problem isn’t organization. It’s their message. They don’t have a message that anyone is willing to buy here in Pennsylvania.”

Grace, of CeaseFire PA, disputed that, citing polls showing that the majority of residents support some form of gun control.

“Some form of gun control.” Yes, most people when asked about “gun control” will nod their head yes because it often doesn’t sound like something that is so bad. What the NRA seeks to do and what all of those who support second amendment rights (for real) need to do is explain to people in detail what these laws mean. Think about it. The question could be asked, “What’s wrong with wanting to curb illegal gun trafficking?” Most people will say “Nothing” and that includes me. It’s the how that concerns me and as long as we continue to explain how laws like the ones that were defeated do nothing to prevent crime, the more we’ll see victories like this.


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