Posted by: Jay | April 7, 2008

Conversations – Rights

I’ve been having more and more conversations with people I know about second amendment rights and it’s unfortunate that so many have bought into some of the rhetoric used by gun control advocates.

One of the more common used ones is, “Well, I’m sure the founding fathers never imagined we’d have semi-automatic handguns that could hold 15 rounds.”

How does one respond to that? You have to put it in a context that makes it easier for them to understand. To this one fellow I responded, “Well, the founding fathers never imagined we’d have the Internet which makes it easier for sexual predators to lure victims. Do we start throwing a wet blanket on first amendment protections as a result?” I got the, “Yeah, that’s true” response.

That’s because it is. Barack Obama is doing the second amendment dance and it seems to be something a lot of Democratic politicians are doing these days. They claim that they think the second amendment guarantees the right of an individual to own a gun, but that any and all regulation is permissible as well. That kind of thinking makes absolutely no sense and again, if you use that same argument in the context of the first amendment, it would never fly. “Yeah, I support the right of free speech for the individual, but he can’t create a website that says _______.”

We see all kinds of garbage websites on the Internet. I don’t want my kids stumbling across a neo-Nazi site or sexually explicit site, but at the same time, I would never support legislation banning such sites because what is to stop somebody from looking to ban this site as some kind of paramilitary outlet?



  1. Video: Second Amendment rally in Harrisburg, PA

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