Posted by: Jay | April 8, 2008

An Editorial

Hannah Nelson writes for the Daily Collegian, a newspaper at UMass. She has a piece here about people with concealed carry licenses being able to do so on college campuses. While she doesn’t seem to be in favor of the idea, she’s merely espousing her own thoughts and not coming to any conclusions. The most interesting portion of what she writes, comes in the last two paragraphs:

I actually don’t think that this is necessarily a ridiculous concept, but rather one that requires a lot of careful handling. I am tired of the people who say that lax gun laws and accessibility are the problem.

They are not. It is a structural issue; it is an issue within our society. When it comes down to it, the problem isn’t the guns; it’s what makes the people turn to the violence in the first place, which is a whole other argument in itself.

It’s good to see that she gets it. I don’t agree with some of what she writes, but it’s refreshing to see somebody not go into knee-jerk mode and just lashing out about “gun violence.”


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