Posted by: Jay | April 11, 2008

I Don’t Even Know How They Can Do It

Sebastian has details on Philadelphia passing a handful of gun control laws that are in conflict with state law. According to what I have read, PA has preemption statutes. Basically what that means is, cities and localities cannot pass laws that are in direct conflict with state law.

Wouldn’t it be very easy for these laws to be struck down by the state court system? Cripes, this whole thing is a political farce. And notice this bit of nonsense:

David Kairys, a Temple University law professor and gun-control advocate, said that ruling left the city in a difficult position and that Nutter had acted responsibly.

“He comes into office and there’s an intolerable level of gun violence,” Kairys said. “He’s responding to the violence.”

By breaking the law? This is a law professor claiming that the Mayor of Philadelphia is acting responsibly by breaking the law.

I did some Google searches and I notice the media is giving it kid gloves treatment. “Mayor Challenges State” and “Mayor Defies State.” They’re going to make it sound like he’s fighting the good fight. Again, compare and contrast. How would the media cover this were it a local politician signing anti-abortion laws in direct contradiction to state law?

What’s really going to be interesting to see is how the two Democratic presidential candidates are going to react to this. They’re going to be asked about it. Barack “Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo” Obama has been trying to make as if he’s some kind of friend to the second amendment leading up to the PA primary, but it’s a joke.



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