Posted by: Jay | April 14, 2008

One Gun Per Month

The fake ‘gun guys’ have a post up bemoaning why people cannot just accept the ‘sensible’ legislation of one gun per month purchases. They have a cartoon there that of course, resorts to the worst kind of stereotypes, portraying gun owners as cigarette smoking, pickup driving rednecks. It’s funny because one of my best friends is a gun owner. He’s from Buffalo, doesn’t smoke and drives an Isuzu Trooper. My nephew is from New Jersey, doesn’t smoke and drives a Ford Mustang GT. Another good friend is from Massachusetts, doesn’t smoke and whose family car is a minivan. Remember folks. Stereotypes are fine as long as the color of the person being stereotyped is white and/or they’re Christian.

Anyway, as for the one gun a month rule, it comes back to constitutional rights. The government should show that there is a compelling interest in preventing a person from buying more than one gun per month. Do we prevent people from renting one movie per month? Do we prevent churches from having more than one sermon per month? What if the Brady Campaign were told they could only organize one gathering per month across the United States? There would be howls of protest that could be heard by the little green guys on Mars. So why should the purchase of guns be any different?

People will say that it’s in the interest of public safety because it would curb gun trafficking. First of all, there’s no evidence that proves this and even if there was and it was shown to be good public policy, that still cannot trump constitutional rights. Wouldn’t things be better for cops if they didn’t have to advise a suspect of their rights? Wouldn’t it make things easier in the interest of public safety for law enforcement not to have to acquire warrants to do searches? Wouldn’t the public be safer by doing away with and other social networking sites that sexual predators use to gain the trust of potential victims?

You see the point I’m getting at? What have we heard for the last 6-7 years after 9/11? “We shouldn’t trump constitutional rights just we can feel ‘safe’ from terrorists.” I agree. Why can’t people understand the same thing when it comes to the second amendment?


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