Posted by: Jay | April 14, 2008

Weekend Stuff

My son is a “late bloomer.” He’s small for his age so even at 11, he still looks like he’s 9. He’s become interested in organized sports (where he wasn’t before and I never pushed him) so I’ve started preparing him for this year when he’ll join up. Baseball is the latest and I bought him a new glove and started throwing some fly balls to him so he can play the outfield. The kid can throw, that’s for sure. As for teaching him how to snag fly balls, the hardest part is getting him to position himself first before getting that glove in the air. At one point he was outside and I think my wife was throwing the ball to him. We had a bunch of people over for my daughter’s birthday and I didn’t hear him crying until he came through the back door. It seems he misjudged a ball and got it in the nose. I congratulated him and told him he now joined the club. Every kid gets a baseball in the face at some point. He got it out of the way early. Sure enough, about 20 mins later he was asking me to get back out there with him.

I find all of the ‘elitist’ talk between Democratic presidential candidates pretty funny. Barack Obama got himself into trouble by calling small town people “bitter” and claiming they “cling” to things like God, guns and blaming immigrants for their troubles. Politicians often say stupid things and this was no different. It was stupid because:

A. He decided to say these things about small town folks in Pennsylvania during a fund raiser in California. San Fransisco to be exact. I’m sure gun owners aren’t plentiful in San Fran and while I will not make any definitive conclusions, I will guess that regular church attendance is not all that high either. And while I think many towns that relied heavily on the manufacturing industry are probably not fans of NAFTA and other forms of free trade, there’s no evidence of strong anti-immigration sentiment.

B. He used the word ‘cling.’ Clinging is often used in describing a child who’s afraid of something. So to say that people ‘cling’ to their guns and religion is to say that people are holding on to those things like security blankets and such talk is absurd. He assumes that people don’t have an affinity for the second amendment or God and church just because those are good things, but instead is off the opinion that people turn to those things when times are bad.

For Hillary to jump in and accuse Obama of elitism is actually quite funny. Hillary is the epitome of elitism. Her entire philosophy has been an, “I know what’s better for you than you do” attitude going back to her time as First Lady.

No matter how often they are on, I never get tired of watching ‘The Godfather’ films.

The Palm Beach Post uses the same drivel gun control groups use:

Florida will have Take Your Gun To Work Day because Republicans want John McCain to be president.

Twice before, the National Rifle Association demanded that the Legislature prevent private businesses from making their property firearms-free. Both times, the NRA failed. But this election year, with most NRA members likely McCain voters, the bill whizzed through. Gov. Crist, who for weeks has paid more attention to Sen. McCain than to Florida, will sign it because “people being protected is most important to me.”

By “protected,” he must mean the idea that Floridians need a gun in their car at all times. The governor’s protection, however, does not extend to employees who might get shot when a disturbed colleague goes to his car and comes back firing. The fear of such a scenario led the Florida Chamber of Commerce and the Florida Retail Association to oppose the bill. Those also are Republican-friendly groups. But with Florida a key state, the GOP needs an energized NRA base.

Yes because we all know that before this became legal, disturbed employees would adhere to the rules and regulations regarding guns just like at Virginia Tech and that mall in Omaha. Oh wait….



  1. re: a & B; as usual, taken wholly out of context….

  2. And how were they taken out of context? Everybody has been saying that, but I’ve yet to see anybody explain how.

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