Posted by: Jay | April 17, 2008

There Will Be Blood

Ok, I watched this movie last night. Let me say this first: This movie is worth watching to see Daniel Day Lewis’s performance as Daniel Plainview. His performance quite simply, was one of the best acting I have ever seen. He was mesmerizing. His character was both charming and repulsive and it basically follows a man over a period of 30 years as his greed overtakes him and he descends into the depths of hatred for pretty much everybody around him (and himself), despite his overwhelming success as an oil man.

That being said, if not for Daniel Day Lewis, this movie would have been a total bore. It is far too long, has too many side stories and the score? Annoying to the point where I would hit the mute button for a few seconds at times. The real problem is that Paul Thomas Anderson who wrote and directed the film based on Upton Sinclair’s novel ‘Oil’, moves the film away from Plainview’s descent and instead invokes this sort of parallel story with a young religious fanatic (played well by Paul Dano) whose spiritual obsessions clash with Plainview’s materialism and we’re essentially treated to some kind of lesson on how one is not much different from the other. It serves to be more of a distraction as this film would have worked much better as a 90 minute character study instead of a 158 minute drag.


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