Posted by: Jay | April 23, 2008

Those American Gun Laws Again!

From ABC:

U.S. gun stores and gun shows are the source of more than 90 percent of the weapons being used by Mexico’s ruthless drug cartels, according to U.S. and Mexican law enforcement officials.

“It’s a war going on in Mexico, and these types of firearms are the weapons of war for them,” said Bill Newell, the special agent in charge of the Phoenix field division of the ATF, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which has primary law enforcement jurisdiction for investigating gun trafficking to Mexico.

“It’s virtually impossible to buy a firearm in Mexico as a private citizen, so this country is where they come,” said Newell.

But U.S. efforts to stop the smuggling of tens of thousands of guns to Mexico, including high-powered assault weapons, have been hampered by lenient American gun laws and the Bush administration’s failure to give priority to anti-gun smuggling efforts, officials tell ABC News for a report Tuesday on ABC News’ “World News With Charles Gibson.”

Emphasis mine. Our gun laws are anything but lenient.

Mexico’s strict gun laws are being subverted by the easy availability of weapons in the U.S., the Mexican attorney general, Eduardo Medina-Mora Icaza, told ABC News. “The Second Amendment,” said the attorney general, “is certainly not designed to arm and give fire power to organized crime abroad.”

This is hilarious. The Mexican government practically blares CORRUPT at every turn. Are these guns being purchased in the United States and then through Star Trek technology being beamed to drug cartels over the border? No. Transporting weapons across the US border is a crime and should be fully prosecuted. In addition, Attorney General Icaza can blow out his butt. Mexico’s inability to deal with their own corrupt government and law enforcement has nothing to do with our second amendment.

Our border policies are a joke. Why? Because any kind of implementation of policy that seeks up the ante on securing our borders with Mexico is seen as ‘racism.’

Assault weapons made in China and Eastern Europe, resembling the AK-47, have become widely and cheaply available in the U.S. since Congress and the Bush administration refused to extend a ban on such weapons in 2004.

Under federal gun laws, gun dealers are not required to report multiple purchases of such weapons because they are classified as rifles.

Uh, they’re classified as rifles because they are rifles. ‘Assault weapon’ is a fictitious term given to semi-automatic rifles to make them sound scary. The ‘assault weapons’ ban of 0f 1994 was a complete and utter failure. The reason it was such a failure was because the weapons that were banned were merely picked out of a book because they looked ‘dangerous.’ That’s it. And it didn’t put a dent in crime.

ATF agents say legitimate gun dealers will often report suspicious activities, but that a small but significant number looks the other way.

“I have personally worked cases where gun dealers have willfully allowed hundreds of guns to leave their gun store knowing that they were going into the wrong hands,” said Newell.

While the Bush administration has asked for an additional $100 million to combat drug violence on the border, only $948,000, less than one percent, has been allocated to the ATF under the White House proposal.

“We need a lot more resources,” said the ATF’s Newell.

Well maybe if the ATF didn’t waste time and money trying to push bogus charges, raiding the wrong homes, arbitrarily changing their minds about what is legal and what isn’t, harassing dealers that have been in business for over 70 years, and other nonsense, they’d have more money to spend on border activities.



  1. ATF doesn’t get involved in the border stuff because drug cartels shoot back. It’s easier to raid guys who are honest and make clerical mistakes because they won’t shoot back and it makes your agency look like it’s accomplishing something.

    Another hint is that a source of illegal machine guns in the US come through Mexico.

  2. I will have to agree with that. My uncle got raided for “illegel weapons” they “suppossedly” found an S&W with suppressor. If you knew my uncle you’de understand why he wouldn’t have a gun lolz.

  3. This article makes the drug war sound like a bad thing in 10 years the drug cartels will be nonexistent

  4. As an Australian, a relatively young country, whose consitution is modern, I find the whole “right to bear arms” thing so outdated and detrimental to your society. No one has “right” to bear arms unless, like in our country you are a farmer who has to shoot the occasional vermon that may encroach on thier land and harm their livelihood. Take a long hard look at your history of gun related deaths and then take a look at the rest of the world, if that doesn’t make you realise that you need to do something about your archace laws then nothing will! Sure, they may be the occasional idiot out there who chooses to get their grubby hands on a fire arm, but they are more than likely caught, before they can do any real damage with it. I have watched so many doco’s on your country, (and I mean alot), about varied things, and I can guarantee that somewhere down the track they involve guns…that is so red-neck and gung-ho!!. Just so you know America the Great, America the Beautiful, is not the case anymore. You are the laughing stock of the rest of the world, bet you never thought that would happen did you? The younger generation need to start taking hold of the country and start voting (can’t believe that isn’t compulsory there), start voting for a cleaner America, and a more updated constitution and scrap the fire-arms shite once and for all and join the rest of the world instead of having a superior attitude that once was validated…but alas …all good things must come to an end one day!!

  5. I can’t seem to fully load this page from my iphone!

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