Posted by: Jay | April 25, 2008

No More Pizza Hut For Me

Not that I liked Pizza Hut all that much to begin with, but sometimes we’d order it if we were going to be having some kind of get together or party. No longer.

I won’t support a company that fires an employee because he defended himself.

And sure enough, when I told this to a few people one said something, “Well, what if you ordered a pizza and the guy showed up with his gun and whipped it out because he didn’t like the tip or he tried to rob you?” As for the first scenario, I responded by saying, “Why go outside when there’s a chance I could be struck by lightning?” and as for the second I responded by saying that if a pizza delivery guy had every intent of robbing somebody (ie, committing a crime), why would they be concerned about company policy?

via Murdoc



  1. Exactly. I’d like to see how many crimes have been committed by legit pizza guys with guns and without guns while on the job.

    If they’re going to break the law, they aren’t going to let a company policy stop them.

  2. Hello,

    Ive been working for a major pizza company for many years. Here it it plain and simple: we know our drivers and emploees are going to be robbed from time to time no amount of money is worth thier lives and we fear that if the bad guys think we are armed they would be much more harsh and brutal during these robberies…

    The 50 or 100 they might get from the robbery is definatly not worth your life!!!!

  3. Sorry, but I will have to disagree with you. The slugs who rob pizza delivery people are by and large, cowards. They’re not afraid to pull out a gun, because as it stands, they know the driver is not going to be armed.

    If they know there’s a possibility that the driver is armed, the likelihood they’re going to try anything is less.

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