Posted by: Jay | April 28, 2008

On The Camera Front

I’ve been doing some digging and I may go with a different Nikon instead of the D40. I am reading about the D50 and it appears to have some advantages over the D40. I actually went to the store this weekend and held a D40. To be honest, it actually felt a tad small for an SLR. I’ve got big hands (not meaty, but long fingers) so I like the build of the bigger SLR’s. But it wasn’t too small, and I am sure I could get used to it. The D50 has a bigger body. You can see the difference here.

The D50 has five auto-focus areas as opposed to 3 with the D40. The D40 has a bigger LCD screen, with more megapixels, but I won’t be using the LCD to compose shots.

The final thing may be the auto-focus feature. The D40 doesn’t have a built in AF motor. Therefore, the lenses you get have to be some of the newer lenses that have an AF motor in them. Those lenses, to say the least, are expensive. The 18mm-200mm zoom costs a hefty $678. Being in Florida, I have access to an abundance of wildlife. A zoom lens with auto focus is critical for getting images of that wildlife. For portraits, I want to get a hold of a nice 50mm f/1.8 which really makes the subject stand out against the background. There’s plenty of those around, but the auto-focus will not work with the D40. Now some people might say, “So use the manual focus!” That’s easier said than done, especially if your subject moves around a lot. The f/1.8 aperture will make somebody go out of focus just moving a few inches.

We’ll see.


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