Posted by: Jay | April 29, 2008

What Makes A Gun Grabber?

Does an insane person believe they’re insane? I don’t think so. I believe insane people think they’re perfectly fine and that everybody around them is crazy.

The same goes for the mentality of gun grabbers (or any ‘true believer’ of any political position, like abortion for example). Barack Obama says he believes the second amendment protects the right of the individual to bear arms, but his record and his rhetoric doesn’t agree. That being said, he probably believes his positions are perfectly consistent with his comment about the second amendment.

So when I called Barack Obama a gun grabber, somebody asked me, “Has Obama supported any kind of legislation or made any kind of statement that would indicate he wants to take guns away from their lawful owners?”

The answer to that is pretty simple, but I suspect that this person views things the same way Obama does, so he’s wondering, “What in the world is Jay talking about?” Well, Barack Obama supports the DC position in Heller. He supported (though he now claims he doesn’t) a complete and total ban on the manufacturing, sale and possession of handguns. He opposes concealed carry laws and has called for banning them. He supports a ban on any semi-automatic weapon. He voted against allowing women with an order of protection against another person to carry a concealed firearm. He voted against allowing a court defense of self-defense against home intruders in jurisdictions where handguns are banned. He also supported a proposal that would limit the purchase of guns to a total of two per year. Not per month. Per year.

It’s fair to say he’s a gun grabber.



  1. can you provide any reference to support your claim that obama supported ” complete and total ban on the manufacturing, sale and possession of handguns?” the 2nd amendment only lists the right to keep and bear arms, not to conceal or purchase arms.

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