Posted by: Jay | May 1, 2008

No Fly Lists

When no-fly lists came out following the 9/11 attacks, there were many false positives. People with no connection to terrorist at all were being denied entry to airplanes. That same stupid list has actually prevented air marshals — you know, the men and women that fly armed to protect people from possible hijackings — from boarding planes.

Of course, that idiot Frank Lautenberg in all of his anti-gun glory (I don’t hate anybody, but my loathing for Lautenberg comes close. I used to live in NJ and I couldn’t stand the SOB during his first stint as Senator, and then to see he re-elected actually made me long for Robert Torricelli) wants to apply this same list to gun purchases.

Look, I’m not the kind of guy that has been standing up and praising the Bush administration on all aspects of their views in fighting terrorism, and it’s coin toss as to who was a more incompetent Attorney General between Alberto Gonzalez and Janet Reno. They’ve encroached in areas of civil liberties that have made my blood boil. But what I cannot stand are the self righteous politicians and pundits (and organizations) that wail at decibel levels higher than at a heavy metal concert about the Bush administration, and then turn around and support stupid things like this watch list being applied to gun purchases. Due process can be tossed aside when it comes to gun control in the minds of Lautenberg and his ilk and it’s pathetic.

h/t Sebastian


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