Posted by: Jay | May 7, 2008

Very Well Said

Always good to use Google alerts as it sometimes leads me to blogs I might not otherwise read. This person here wrote the following in regard to the second amendment and those who curry favor with hunters but still be gun grabbers:

With all due respect to recreational shooting, the Second Amendment is an explicit expression of our freedom, not something we do in our free time.


I liked too, his comments about the Supreme Court brushing off a challenge to Indiana’s law that says you need a photo id when going to vote:

The Supreme Court rejected a challenge (Crawford v. Marion County Election Board) to Indiana’s voter ID law. The usual suspects (ACLU-ACORN-Brennan Center) arrayed against the forces of reason and experience. They argued that having to establish your identity by means of a photo ID, provided free of charge, by the State was an onerous burden meant to disenfranchise the equally usual suspects (society’s most vulnerable and least equipped).

The State in uncharacteristic wisdom sought only to defend the integrity of the vote by tethering it to a reasonable responsibility. Establish your identity.

Good stuff.



  1. So when is the ACLU going to start suing sports teams, colleges, promoters, etc. that ask you to display a photo ID when go to the Will Call window to pick up tickets for an event?

  2. Id to vote no Id to buy a gun.

  3. Great Post!

    Godfather (

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