Posted by: Jay | May 8, 2008

Random Thoughts

It’s too bad that Jason Castro got kicked off American Idol last night. The stoner was the only contestant left that really had any personality. So what if he butchered ‘I Shot The Sheriff’ and appeared to be in way over his head. I’ll take his lousy Bob Marley impersonation over David Archuletta singing ‘Love Me Tender’ any day.

Ever hear shrieking when reading an article. That’s what I heard when I read this one. Sebastian handles it and has details about the perps. Bottom line? If the three dirtbags that were involved in the death of Philadelphia Police Sergeant Stephen Liczbinski were still in prison where they belonged, this wouldn’t have happened. But that wouldn’t allow Ms. Porter to whine about the NRA.

Any time people start complaining about how horrible things are in this country, let them take a look at what is happening in Myanmar, where aid groups can’t even to get in and help people because of the military government in place that is slow granting visas and giving clearance for aid flights to land. Think about that too when you start wailing about gas prices.

Instead of buying a houseboat for $300,000, this guy built one himself for $55,000. And he’s 83. Image here.

Hillary says she should be the nominee because she has better appeal with white Americans. Oh man is that going to get her in trouble.

Florida Democrats are working out a deal to seat their delegates at the convention.


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