Posted by: Jay | May 9, 2008

No Free Speech About 2nd Amendment

We know that Mayor Bloomberg has a problem with the second amendment. It also seems he has a problem with the first as well:

Lawyers for Mayor Bloomberg are asking a judge to ban any reference to the Second Amendment during the upcoming trial of a gun shop owner who was sued by the city. While trials are often tightly choreographed, with lawyers routinely instructed to not tell certain facts to a jury, a gag order on a section of the Constitution would be an oddity.

“Apparently Mayor Bloomberg has a problem with both the First and the Second amendments,” Lawrence Keane, the general counsel of a firearms industry association, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, said.

Of course, filing lawsuits against licensed firearm dealers is a joke to begin with just as it was with the gun manufacturers (contrary to what people believe, gun manufacturers do not advertise their guns being the “most popular gun in American crime.” ‘Jackie Brown’ was a fictional movie people). The inability of major cities to deal with violent criminals is the problem. Time after time when violent criminals are arrested, we learn that they are repeat violent offenders. If the criminal justice system kept these violent criminals in prison for the length of their sentences, the public would be much safer.


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