Posted by: Jay | May 9, 2008

The Bizarro World

If you know about Superman (or Seinfeld) then you know what the bizarro world is. It’s a place that is the opposite of reality. Mayor Nutter from Philadelphia must be in that world. A cop in Philly gets killed and this is what he says to NRA:

“They owe an apology to the family for their staunch opposition over many, many years blocking legislative support for these kinds of matters.”

Translation: It’s the NRA’s fault.

But what did the good Mayor say to one of the actual perpetrators of the crime? The following:

“I looked him dead in the eye when he came in and told him how disappointed I was in him,” he said.

Well gee Ward! Don’t be such a big meanie to Beaver! (Reference for those who don’t get it). Go easy on him!

The mayor said that like he was talking to his son about getting detention in school.

h/t Say Uncle.


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